Understanding Mini Dental Implants

womaneatingappleApproximately 45 million Americans wear full or partial dentures. Although these prosthetic devices fill in facial features and restore function, there are some drawbacks. Often, denture wearers struggle with slippages and a less-than-perfect fit. Mini dental implants can help create a secure, attractive smile.

What is a mini dental implant?
A miniature titanium implant with a round head, a mini dental implant is inserted into your jaw. Typically, your dentist will place two to four mini implants. Corresponding holes are drilled into the prosthesis. You simply snap the denture into place and the denture rests gently on the gums.

Why should I consider mini dental implants?
Ill-fitting or loose dentures can cause discomfort and make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Mini dental implants provide added security and address social issues that may hinder an active lifestyle.

Am I candidate for mini dental implants?
Ideally, you should be in good oral and general health. Having strong gum tissue is important for optimal results.

Can you place mini dental implants in the upper jaw?
Usually, the upper dentures are more stable than the lower ones, so mini dental implants aren’t needed. Because of the hollowness of the upper jaw bone, the mini implants are less likely to fail when placed in the denser lower jaw.

What are the success rates with mini dental implants?
In general, most patients enjoy a solid smile with their mini dental implants. Just like your natural teeth, mini dental implants can fail because of issues such as lack of oral hygiene, excessive wear and tear, poor health, and conditions like osteoporosis.


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Reasons to Trade Dentures for Dental Implants

dentures-2Dentures have long been the go-to choice for replacing missing teeth, but today there are alternatives that may have the advantage over dentures. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular for restoring the function and appearance of smiles. Here are some of the benefits that implants provide that make patients choose this restoration over others.

Implants feel like real teeth. They don’t irritate the gums like dentures are known to do, and they are not painful. Eating can be uncomfortable with dentures, but implants allow you to eat like you would with natural teeth.

Implants are permanent fixtures in the jaw and mouth, so they do not slip or shift. There are no messy adhesives to deal with, and they remain in the mouth at all times. Since they are permanent, implants are not removed at night and are cleaned just like regular teeth.

Once implants are placed and healed, they can last 20 years or more. Consistent dental hygiene and regular checkups are all it takes to maintain your implants.

Jaw health
Dental implants function like natural teeth, which means they help promote jaw bone health. Most patients do not lose jaw bone tissue with implants, while denture patients may experience jaw bone degeneration.

Your smile is regained in a natural and fully functional way. This gives you a whole new confidence in your appearance and allows you to live your life as if you never lost any teeth.


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Get Ready for Your Big Event with a Smile Makeover

teeth-whitening-1Are you looking forward to a big event in your life? Are you are planning a wedding, approaching graduation, moving to a new city, or getting ready to start a new job? Does your smile reflect to others the excitement you feel inside? An imperfect smile can prevent you from facing the important moments in your life with the self-confidence a vibrant, healthy smile can provide.

Your smile is often the first and last impression you make on the world. Dingy, chipped, uneven, crooked or gapped teeth detract from your appearance and affect the way others perceive you. People with healthy, beautiful smiles project a happier and more confident demeanor. With today’s advances in cosmetic dentistry, you no longer have to settle for a less than perfect smile. A smile makeover can fix your dental imperfections and make your special days even better.

A smile makeover can range from a thorough professional teeth cleaning to a full-scale orthodontic treatment program. In cooperation with a qualified cosmetic dentist, your smile makeover plan may include procedures such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, cosmetic bonding, or dental implants. One or more of these treatments may be recommended to give you the beautiful new smile you hope to achieve.

To ensure your smile is ready for your upcoming event, schedule a consultation with Beaverton, OR cosmetic dentist Dr. Enayati as soon as possible. While some procedures can be completed in as little as one visit, more involved treatments may require several months to produce the best results. With a smile makeover tailored to fit your individual needs, you can rest assured your smile will leave a beautiful, lasting impression with everyone you encounter on your big day and every day after.

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Considering Dental Implants

Even though your teeth were meant to last your whole life, for one reason or another that isn’t always the case. If you are missing any teeth, it’s important to replace them to protect both your oral health and your overall health. Dental implants are one option for replacing teeth. Here are some facts you should know about implants to help you decide if they are right for you.

What are dental implants?
Substituting for the roots of missing teeth, dental implants become an anchor for a replacement tooth or crown. The artificial root is inserted into your jaw, and then a replacement tooth is connected to the post.

What are the benefits of implants?

  • Looks and feels like your natural teeth
  • Fits perfectly to allow normal speech
  • Feels comfortable because it’s a permanent part of your mouth
  • Functions like your own teeth so you can eat with confidence
  • Provides convenience because it stays in your mouth permanently and no adhesives are needed
  • Allows nearby teeth to remain intact, which improves your overall oral health
  • Meant to last a lifetime with proper dental hygiene
  • Improves your self-esteem by giving you back your smile

Are implants right for everyone?
People of all ages are candidates for dental implants, as long as you’re in overall good health and have healthy gums. You also need enough bone to hold the implant. A strong commitment to proper oral hygiene is also necessary to achieve the best success with implants. Talk with your dentist to determine if dental implants are the best choice in restoring your oral health.


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