Energy/Sports Drinks and the Health of Your Teeth

The sun is shining and people here in Portland get more active and do outdoor sports.  We hope you will take the time to enjoy the beauties of the spring season and have fun in the sun!  But so many of us have resorted to quenching our thirst with the ever so popular energy drinks without realizing the detrimental effects on our teeth.  The write up below  should be a warning to those who consume these drinks and be careful of their content.

As always we value your confidence in us and hope and strive to be of better service to you and your family.

Have a wonderful month of June.

Dr. Enayati and the staff at Bethany Dental Care

According to a recent study which has been published in the General Dentistry Journal, the energy and sports drinks so many adolescents consume nowadays can actually do irreversible harm to your teeth. The study reveals that these drinks are extremely rich in acids, which can destroy the enamel of the tooth quite easily.

These drinks are consumed by youngsters in order to boost instantly their energy levels, so that they can have better performances in the sports they practice. However, while these drinks might indeed help achieving better physical performances, at the same time they attack harshly the outer shiny layer of the teeth, which is the enamel.

The researchers of the study have actually examined and compared the acidic levels of well over 13 different such sports drinks, and as many as 9 energy drinks. In order to perform the test, the researchers have introduced a sample of human tooth enamel into each type of fizzy energy/sports drink. Next, they have also immersed these samples into artificially created saliva for a period of two hours.

The greatest majority of today’s young adults consume one such energy/sports drink at every few hours. They don’t even imagine what such an exposure to these acidic drinks can do to their teeth.

The researchers have concluded that it merely takes a period of 5 days of continuous exposure of the tooth enamel to such acidic drinks, in order for the first signs of enamel erosion to show. Moreover, the study showed that the energy drinks represent twice a bigger danger for the teeth than the regular sports drinks.

Several reports reveal that almost 50% of the teens in the US consume such drinks on an everyday basis. While these drinks might have a positive effect, they also have got plenty of downsides upon health. Drinking such performance boosters can damage irreversibly the tooth enamel, and quite shortly, the teeth can become extremely sensitive. Thus, sensitive teeth become more prone to decay and cavities, and this is how a beautiful smile can turn into a disaster.

In order to help the acidity levels turn back to normal after consuming such drinks, it is important to rinse the mouth with water or chew on a sugarless gum after each drink.

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